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Possibility of political assassination in Hungary

2011. április 18. | hozzászólás | Riport

Possibility of political assassination HUNGARY

This antagonistic situation, which reflects the current policy and politics on the street forces (gazdatüntetés different organizations), the untenable after a while the political elite, may be government or the opposition! A peasant’s view of the city man in no time, did not agree, because the boundaries between irreconcilable opposites! This incites hatred of the feud, which could easily lead to murder. Get bored with the promises and the emergence of hatred, because their lives have not changed, because the adhesive promises remain just promises. The silent observer of the noisy dangerous, Hate groups. The political behavior of mass murder is analyzed, tools, and gesztusaikat exercised, thereby mislead the analysts, and they are the ones who find the way out as soon as the scene. I think that the police are not prepared for such an organized attack. The professional trouble-maker on continuously. The underworld, and other people of different national organizations and other celebrations in the crowd hiding irritate the feelings of those around them, because they know what the people participating! Most of the demonstrators in the streets, but do not know what they want! The terrorists are brought under the roof scenario made on the basis of political murder. Who will be the first victim? It’s not due! The opposition politicians or government supporters hit – that bigger political murder scene, perhaps this time the iron teeth of it. Hivatásosos The assassins are among us! Akcióikkal political leaders have indicated. (Aranykéz street bombing, murder Pine) to demonstrate the capability of the Hungarian underworld, the science of disruption, the fibers’ expectations, and that nothing can not happen without the political and economic spheres. The money, the economy, political power, the arms trade, the night locales are now in their hands. Police, Border Police, Customs and Excise etc …. bundle as the hub for the drug unavailable! The underworld is trying to practical domestic preparedness, and probably deliberately let the overthrow of drogszállítóit, bérgyilkosait, robbantóit because so check the spy network and his loyalty to the stakeholders in this. A reputation for organized crime, international recognition, it would bring only a political murder. We have seen examples of this: KENNEDI, Moors murders, etc …. They stirred up the killings of the world’s mood. Thereby changed the world security, security system, szavahihetőbbekké become politicians, economic actors.

– Oil

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