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2011. április 19. | hozzászólás | Riport

The Tatars -1241 – was devastated by the role of the newly built castle Csongrád Szeged royal castle was taken over by …
A hundred and fifty years of Turkish occupation of Szeged is almost deserted, and very sharp decline in the burgeoning economy in the past, our culture. But this is not about religion, politics, and because of the constant quarrels of the Church culminated in the addition of Protestantism. The Turkish rémuralomtól 1686 – n liberated our city! Kossuth recruiting trips Szeged was the first step …!
The Tisza river in our town, the queen of the waters! The climate is getting warmer lately sustained, and here, the longest in the number of sunshine! Therefore, the long-term re-established vegetation, and large areas of producer region evolved. Is formed by the flowering fruit crops also show this! Further, it became dominant in the spice, the development of fruit cultivation, production. Unfortunately, this strong progress, kettészakítja Trianon after the First World War. However, a joyful moment to the University of Szeged, 1921 – n started a successful business. Leadership in the region – nationally as well – a well organized transport, and culture is the elaborate sets.
The design is indescribable polis traffic routes and the role of the salt was aranyszállítások path organization development. These tasks, the Roman soldiers monitored …!
Reputation of our city, the reputation of the university, the peppers, salami, sport (PICK) makes it famous! The Sun City 155 boasts thousands diminishing in number! Faithful companion, the Tisza river! Inseparable from the lot – Living City, the right bank of the river of loving to puff while Újszeged, pamper yourself on the left …
Proud to Szeged – so good to pronounce this word – as old as the Hungarian államalapítással!
The current image of the 1879 – and post-flood reconstruction determined! Lungs, the river, the plane trees, promenades, parks, statues, people, and enhance the green areas, and make it desirable, érzékiessé, before the tourists. Pedestrian street (Corso), the ancient castle in the heart of the market – the XVlll ripped from his body. century.
On compasses also reputed to be disclosed annually in the various national, regional events, festivals, world famous as the Szeged Open Air Festival, beer, wine, pepper, a gala of international artisans, culinary parade … etc! Embraced by the plane trees, guarded by an impressive building in the area, the Mayor’s Office, and its tower, which has become a symbol of our city! Hall of the National Assembly met twice! A typical bridge over the Bridge of Sighs, was built in honor of Joseph Francis is n 1883. Our politicians have said several high-rousing speech, for example. Kossuth Lajos “the people of Szeged, national pride” and Tisza Lajos …
Zsinagógánkat found only in the Jewish temples in Europe, provides also referred to as the first! LOW spiritual father of Chief Rabbi Immanuel.
The square houses Dugonics – old – before the flood the atmosphere, almost complaining! University, the curiously square chest rises toward the weary visitors. Relaxing music fountain attracts, entices tourists. Eponym: Dugonics András Hungarian inventor of mathematical terminology.
The love, the passion of the architectural wonders of BLACK HOUSE! The school district headquarters. The pulsating aorta, the martyrs of Arad in the field catch up.
Heroes of the polis famous gates on the south side should be sought. Vilmos Aba Novák sculptor reveals the horror of war. The Cathedral Square “in the Dome Square with a thousand times blessed” of God toward the middle stretches of the Votive Cathedral, one of Europe’s most beautiful dome! Perhaps the XX. no. the most beautiful church building, which the citizens of Szeged vow was built after the flood. The plan is the brainchild ERNŐ main vein. This fabulous building 1913 – was built between 193O. Dan got the world-famous neighborhood – a modest tower lies. Birth of the Xl – Xlll century. Mystical shadow of the statue in the National Memorial Hall, about 1OO calling on its citizens. Its proximity to the Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi doctor szegediként who received the high honor kutatásaiért 1937 – n, and fifty years after the Nobel laureate chemist George Olah is …
The Szeged Open Air Festival of the flagship of our national culture! The space – like a little brother – the Serbian church closed. Rococo iconostasis képfala dreamy lacy …
If Roosevelt – Gyula Juhász, István Tömörkény – Palace of Education then! Ferenc Mora also was a director.
Stephanie thought the world of the walkway rises out of the Szeged National Theatre, – Viktor Vaszi conductor, Joseph Gregor’s world-famous opera singer – has a building. The várkertből, Queen Elizabeth, that is Sissy, a lovely, ethereal fragility shape is obvious. The cool shade of trees almost unnoticed in the past szépnapokat vármaradvány XVlll lived. Century. The abandoned hotel building Kass sivárságából flashes forward Danko Pista nótaszerző white statue …

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