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This year Hungary is going to house the great international conference of Bible scholars, the annual assembly of STUDIORUM NOVI TESTAMENTI SOCIETAS (SNTS). The most distinguished researchers of the New Testament are going to partake in the event from universities of five continents. SNTS was founded sixty-nine years ago, in 1938, in Birmingham. Every year a different institution of higher learning obtains the right to organize the annual scholarly assemblage.

The event taking place between 2nd and 9th of August, 2014
is going to be realized though the collaboration of the Szeged-Csanád diocese
and the University of Szeged.
For a detailed schedule, please visit the World Wide Web at:

is the President of Hungary János Áder.
Its patrons are as follows: Government Commissioner József Pálinkás, former president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog.

The members of the EASTERN EUROPEAN LIASION COMMITTE (EELC), consisting mainly of Eastern European Bible scholars, are also going to meet in Szeged; this event is attached to the academic assemblage of SNTS as its pre-conference.

Members of SNTS from seven hundred universities of the world take part in both conferences based on invitation: university lecturers, PhD professors, doctors of science and academics as well as Hungarian professors invited personally. Up until June 2014, about two hundred and sixty people of fifty-five states and one hundred and thirty universities have entered the English language world conference from India, China, Ghana, Moscow, Mexico, South Korea, etc.

The present-day president of SNTS Christopher Tuckett and the new president Professor Udo Schnelle, who will take over presidency at the assembly of Szeged, arrive in Hungary for this event from the University of Oxford and from Halle, respectively.

The SNTS conference held its plenary meeting in Rome in 1981; in Jerusalem in 2000 and in Perth, Australia in 2013. The former Catholic presidents of the organization include Raymond E. Brown (1986), Joseph Fitzmyer (1992), Albert Vanhoye (1995) and A. Puig i Tàrrach (2011), among others.

This year the president of the local organization committee is the only Hungarian Catholic member of SNTS, Dr. György Benyik, who organizes the conference in Szeged on the request of the rector of the University of Szeged Gábor Szabó and diocesan bishop László Kiss-Rigó.

A great number of high-ranking guests honour this significant conference through their visit and their support, including the ambassador of the State of Israel Ilan Mor. Since EELC held its conference in Beograd in 2013, we are expecting the Orthodox bishop of Novi Sad, a former professor of Biblical Studies, Irinej Bulović, head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Serbia to be present at the conference.
The Exhibition of Hungarian Bible Studies attached to the conference is going to be opened by Minister Zoltán Balog. A gift volume entitled The Bible and Economics is going to be prepared for the conference including thirty-nine studies of Hungarian and Eastern European scholars in English and in German. These are the written version of the lectures rendered at the 25th Szeged International Biblical Conference in 2013.

Despite the confessional differences, there has been a very good work relationship between Bible scholars for a long time now. That is why this scholarly assemblage is often called a post-confessional conference. The highly qualified researchers of the Antiquity, linguists, Bible translators who take part in its work are all committed to get to know the Scripture as deeply as possible and they are also dedicated to its scholarly and systematic examination.
The greatest European and American book publishers are going to appear in Hungary for the event, bringing their publications that can only be accessed with difficulty.

Many foreign professors are coming to Szeged to attend the conference who will gain their first direct experience about Szeged and Hungary. The lectures and debates organized in work groups in eight smaller circles and in fourteen further seminars running parallel to the plenary big lectures generally define the direction of Bible researches as well as the publications of the future.

Before the conference starts, our guests are going to visit Pannonhalma, Tihany and Pécs; in the latter city they are going to visit the remnants of the first Hungarian university. As a closure to the conference, they are going to visit the Parliament of Hungary in Budapest and they are going to be received by József Pálinkás at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; and a meeting is being organized with the president of Hungary Ádár János, who is the main patron of the conference.

Szeged, 25th June, 2014

György Benyik
local president of SNTS

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