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Trump is Right, Antifa are Terrorists; They Always Were

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Trump is Right, Antifa are Terrorists; They Always Were
“The term ‘anti-fascist’ began as a lie. It remains a lie today. Clueless commentators, ignorant of its history, have been known to refer to the ‘antifa’ movement as ‘strictly principled anti-fascists,'” the Washington Examiner editorial board writes.
“The senseless and callous police killing of George Floyd inspired peaceful protests at first, but now it has become an excuse for a troupe of professional revolutionaries and marauders.”
Click here to read more. “‘Do this peacefully, please’: So pleaded Terrence Floyd on Monday at the spot where his brother George died at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis a week ago. ‘If I’m not over here blowing up stuff, messing up my community, what are you all doing?’ he asked. It’s an excellent question for not just the radicals pushing violence, but also for the talking heads rationalizing it,” the New York Post editorial board writes.”Shortly after the remarks in the Rose Garden, Trump walked to St. John’s Episcopal Church, a historic church near the White House that was partially burned during riots over the weekend. ‘We are ending the riots and lawlessness that has spread throughout our country. We will end it now,'” the President said before departing for the church. Read more from Fred Lucas in The Daily Signal.”George Floyd is a name now known around the world, after the repellent footage of him struggling to breathe as an arresting officer kept his knee on Floyd’s neck went viral.” The undeserved death of another African-American man, Dave Patrick Underwood, deserves public attention, too. An officer of the Federal Protective Service, Underwood was gunned down Friday as he stood guard in Oakland, California, The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes.
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