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Biden was trampling on Trump’s soul the first day

Biden was trampling on Trump’s soul the first day

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FOREIGN LIFEPublished 18 Jan 2021


Dozens of presidential decrees are planned to be signed by US President Joe Biden, who will take office on the day he takes office, to reverse the most controversial measures by outgoing President Donald Trump and take steps to tackle the coronavirus epidemic, his future chief of staff Ron Klain announced.

In a circular to senior White House staff officials, Klain wrote in Sunday’s media reports that the first decrees would include lifting the ban on entry imposed by the outgoing Republican president on certain Islamic countries, re-joining the Paris Climate Agreement and re-joining the student climate.

According to a note dated Saturday, Joe Biden plans to make it mandatory to wear a mask in all federal institutions and for interstate travel, and the elected Democratic president will also sign regulations on climate change and health care expansion.

During his first hundred days in office, Joe Biden will send a “large-scale immigration plan” to Congress,

would offer citizenship to millions of unregistered immigrants currently living in the United States.

Ron Klain said the incumbent U.S. president will sign ordinances to restart schools and businesses and launch extensive testing on the second day of the coronavirus epidemic, and on January 22 to instruct them to take immediate action in response to the economic crisis. to alleviate the damage caused to working families.

“These regulations will bring relief to millions of Americans struggling with the crisis,” Biden’s future chief of staff stresses in a note.

The actions of President-elect Biden not only serve to reverse the most serious damage caused by the Trump administration, but also to take steps to move our country forward.

Klain wrote.

Joe Biden would also begin reforming the justice system and develop a plan to reunite with their families children who have been separated from their parents on the American-Mexican border, the statement said.


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