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Jobbik separate constitution for?

2011. április 17. | hozzászólás | Közélet

Életközösségéből visited the Roma people. I know the “troubles” in the lifestyle of poverty, the csibészségüket, because we live in a village a few years ago.

Eyes filled with tears, voice trembling complained that they no longer dare to go outside, go to the store for bread, take off the bus, because they are afraid of the beating, the humiliations, physical, etc … pigs.

Why the Roma?

Not everyone in his criminal társadalmukból! They also despise it because of the peers. The prisons are not only Roma!

You may also talk about the Hungarian crime.

Which social classes are more murderers, burglars, robbers …

Who the poor gypsy, gypsy who is poor?

They also have the right to life, work, family … it does not make the Roma, have no jobs and are discriminated against because of skin color! The cooper has worked in almost every gypsy! Several families of the children also learned profession. The regime has taken the Gypsies ‘death’ sentence.

This cigánygyűlölet, each party leader emergence. Meglovagolták, the pony as a child. The Jews and the ethnic affiliation megnyergelése a narrow group interests are represented. The non-educated unskilled youth, the segédmunkásoknak, the value of lost citizens in the nervous strain and the nightmare of unemployment should be kept somewhere. This category of social gathering place in the pubs, drinkers, squares, and the company of wine with plastic, a world of drugs and violence has led to! Now that the emotional instability are used for the better. The stupor, the hopelessness, the current “fizikumnövekedés” toward fellow human beings in the poorer, and the Gypsies, the Jews toward centralizálódott! At one time the negroes did not like either!

Next time, who directed against the Jobbik strategy? Maybe the lame, the sick, the blue-eyed, the nagyfülek, the fat, the skinny, the old, the blondes, blacks, browns, and I could go on! So scared that when I listed above are in series? Or it will be fixed; – odd days of the blacks, even the blonde days, every three days for a family with children, etc …. go-for-food in the grocery store? ”

This racist, socialist nation to assess the conduct of our country contributes greatly to (t)! I think that the “grievances” of minorities, the Hungarian-born Hungarian citizens want to squelch! Why?

The Association is composed of a group protests, intimidation, marches in front of a complete IQ test, and who does not exceed 80 … I’d be curious about the outcome?


The harm of violence does not solve anything! Why? Because of the violence is only violence born! Here is the question, how long to tolerate the Gypsies megaláztatásukat, gyilkolásukat, try out the weapons … I think sooner or later follow the response! Do not forget, in the wake cigányértelmiség slowly, but then …

Whose interests of war?

Magatartásotok the flags, the boots do not get any easier kopogásától “you”, this is not the job of the moment of ascension. You’re just as unemployed people as those who demonstrated against! The march of uniforms in the people understand the fear and uncertainty that brings! Are still among us are citizens who have lived through the war! The hatred of Jews at that time resulted in quenching of millions of Jewish lives. You also want this? The concentration camps were not to be sufficient to kiírtság this ethnic group. The world joined forces against the German fascist ragtag. Hegemony in the world nobody has succeeded! Yet many would have liked. See Napoleon, Ducse, Hitler, Stalin, and yarn ..

For your failure, not the minority képzetlenségét be defeated, but had to learn, and look for jobs …

The flags in the boots and uniforms, do not protect the social instability, the stringency of unemployment, malice murder, beatings in front. This is not the escape of the failure syndrome. The effects are only momentary emotional turbózást rise up! The question is, how long will the rapture!

The wine, brandy, the flags in the boots, no uniforms, not the people you are? Or you can just feel the férfiasságotokat if this additional supplies held by you stand? The mental strength where he is? A common way of thinking where you lurking? You know, sooner or later followed by TI. Over on the grid ….

I whispered to the offices of many people like this in the state. (?)

Where is the court, the prosecutor, the police, the Constitution? But if you have cracks or gaps in the law, then bricklayers, you must call to strengthen the wall (at), which provides security to protect the constitution and application, the tranquility of the people, living conditions for ensuring családalapításához!

The sins of the world, and individual grievances may not be a ráhúzni ethnic group, and it’s prosecuted murder … the Bible also has been reported to the apostles …

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